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The commemorative plaque and 95 foot tribute well constructed in Uganda and funded by Ports Intenational Ltd. has been completed. The well was created to provide water to the much needed African community in memory of Virginia Wambui Kang’oro, a very special World Vision Ports sponsored child who passed away in 2012.

As stated by Debbie Reynold at World Vision, “we are so excited that the well is finished. Virginia’s family and community are excited. Thank you Ports International and Ms. Papai for your very generous gift to this family and community. May God bless you richly.”

Virginia’s proud mother stated “ninapoona wakichimba siku kwa ingine najawa na matumaini tele nikijua kisima hiki ndicho mwisho wa shida za maji na mwanzo mpya wa maisha- asante sana Papai”.

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