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Drive Medical and Ports International came together to donate wheelchairs for the Sandilands Pushathon, in an effort to encourage mobility in those seniors. The SRC pushathon was introduced by Dr Indira Grimes, a consultant at the Geriatric Hospital, who believes the initiative demonstrates the hospital’s serious approach to providing holistic care for its elderly residents as well as the country’s senior citizens.

The purpose of the event is to bring awareness to the community about healthy aging and the importance of physical activity amongst our elderly persons and our mentally ill persons. Many families of older persons as well as the older persons themselves do not realize that even for the aged, physical activity is vital to sustain a long, quality life. The pushathon aims to encourage mobility in those 60 years and older through a fun and dynamic annual activity that will hopefully inspire increased physical activity all year round. Physical activity has a lot to do with not only keeping them mentally well, but physically well, controlling their medical problems, and just keeping their general health as best as possible.

They can have anywhere between 200 to 300 people walking or running, or pushing a wheelchair, and that includes those being pushed. Some of the patients are able to walk, but most of them participate by wheelchair. The staff at the hospital participates as well as the wider community.

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