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Tennis Elbow Straps

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  • Effective Tennis Elbow Pain Relief
    Providing targeted compression, the tennis elbow brace supports the elbow and forearm to relieve painful tendonitis in the elbow and muscle fatigue. Great for relieving tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, epicondylitis carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, the brace is also useful for activities that often result in elbow hyperextensions such as basketball, volleyball and weightlifting.

  • Targeted Compression
    Lined with a firm foam padding, the elbow brace  contours to the arm for targeted compression therapy. The compression brace relieves strained tendons and muscles in the forearm while increasing blood flow to reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • Breathable Latex-Free Blend
    Constructed with a lightweight, breathable neoprene blend to remain cool and dry throughout the day for exceptional comfort. The bracelet-style elbow brace is also lined with a nonslip material to prevent slipping or bunching during exercise or everyday activity.

  • Adjustable Bracelet Design
    Worn on the left or right arm, the versatile elbow brace features a strong fastener strap and two D-rings for easy, one-handed adjustments. The tennis elbow brace fits arm circumferences up to 18”, measuring one inch below the elbow.


  • Uses: Reduces pain caused by tennis and golfer’s elbow, as well as arthritis and carpal tunnel. Targeted compression therapy at the site of swelling and pain. Provides support without limiting your range of motion

  • Sizing: Fits Right and Left Forearm/Elbow

  • One Size Fits Most Forearms; up to 17” in Circumference

  • Materials: 3mm thick neoprene, Nylon, Extra-strength fastening material, Plastic air bubble

  • Length: 17”

  • Width of band: 2”

  • Width of air pocket: 2.5”

  • Cleaning Instructions: Remove air pocket, Machine or hand wash in cold water, Lay flat to dry

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