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Feeding/Flush EPump – 1000ml, set

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Covidien 773662 Kangaroo ePump Feeding bag Set w/ Flush Set 1000mL Non-Sterile DEHP-Free – 30/cs
New, PVC material eliminates the use of the compound/chemical DEHP which protects the patients from any adverse side effects associated with DEHP.

Incorporates the internal, anti-free flow (AFF) device providing continuous protection for the patient from the possibility of a free flow incident.

Spike set with threaded design is compatible with Nestle™ SpikeRight™ feeding port.

Large, stepped connector helps prevent connection to I.V. tubes and provides a secure fit with feeding tubes.

For use with Kangaroo™ ePump and Kangaroo Joey™ pumps

The anti free-flow feature prevents the bag from allowing the free flow of solution into the patient (similar to a gravity feed set) if the set becomes disconnected from the pump.

Product requires Kangaroo Transition Connector- SAN-76500!!



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