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Full Foot Bunion Splint

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Providing gentle bunion correction and pain relief, the Vive full-foot bunion splint set includes one pair of bunion supports with six interchangeable splints. The splint set relieves friction, irritation and painful pressure for mild, moderate and severe bunions on both feet. Made with a soft, breathable blend, the low-profile design fits most foot sizes and can be worn in most loose-fitting shoe styles. The full-foot design also includes a soft, adjustable strap that wraps around the ankle for additional support and generous padding for a comfortable fit.


Customizable Bunion Relief
Restoring natural alignment, the Vive full foot bunion splint set provides optimal support for gently correcting the alignment of the big to relieve pain, friction and irritation. The full-foot bunion splints are secured with an additional strap around the heel and are customizable with three sets of splints for optimal support.

Interchangeable Splints
Customize the level of support provided by the full-foot bunion support by changing the splints. The bunion corrector set includes two composite splints for gentle support, two flexible aluminum splints for moderate support and two rigid aluminum splints for maximum support.

Breathable Neoprene Blend
Designed for all-day comfort, the soft Vive full-foot bunion splints are made with a lightweight, breathable neoprene blend. The washable bunion splints are also padded for greater comfort and feature nonslip interiors for a secure wearing experience, even at night.

Adjustable For Most Foot Sizes
Featuring an adjustable foot strap, the full-foot bunion splints are sized to fit most foot sizes, including US men’s shoe sizes 13 and up and can be worn with socks and loose-fitting shoe styles. The bunion correctors are easy to put on with three strong fastener straps that are easy to adjust for a secure, nonslip fit. 


What’s included

  • 2pcs bunion splints
  • 2pc plastic splints – mild bunions
  • 2pc flexible aluminum splints  – moderate bunions
  • 2pc hard aluminum splints  – severe bunions

Product specifications: 

Ankle strap

It allows you to pull on the big toe to slowly correct the bunion and keeps the splint in place during use. That strap is soft on the skin and will reduce irritation. The elastic strap allows sizing up to a 34cm (13.39”) circumference around the widest part of the foot. 

Color(s): Black


Breathable neoprene





Contains plastic and aluminum splints

Latex free: yes

Product Weight: 

1pc is about 0.10 lbs

Care Instructions:

Remove splints. Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Air dry.

Circumference around the foot: 12”

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