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BD Safe-Clip – Needle Clipping & Storage Device

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BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipping & Storage Device 1 EA (Pack of 2) – Needle clipping and storage device enables you to safely and easily remove insulin syringe and pen needles, retaining them within the clipper.

  • Convenient capacity: The portable BD Safe-Clip device holds up to 1,500 clipped needles, which is approximately a two-year supply.
  • Clipping safety: The BD Safe-Clip device clips off the insulin syringe needle, making the insulin syringe safely unusable.
  • Needle retainment: After the device clips the needle from the insulin syringe, the clipper automatically and safely retains the needle.
  • Support for different sizes: The device can be used with 28-G through 31-G needle sizes and 3/16-inch (5-mm) through 1/2-inch (12.7-mm) needles.
  • Removes Insulin Syringe Needles and Pen Needles Safely and easily


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