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To Our Valued Partners in Health,

We are deeply saddened to announce the recent passing of Ms. Carolyn Papai, Founder and President of Ports International Limited. Carolyn died peacefully after a long, courageous battle with cancer.

Carolyn was a unique individual whose vision, perseverance and work ethic transformed the entire medical supply industry. A truly self-made woman, her legacy will endure, inspiring all those who believe that being successful in business does not mean that one must compromise the basic values of family, hard work, philanthropy, ingenuity, integrity and stewardship. She was a mentor and role model for women, and a pioneer in business with over twenty-five years serving the Bahamian medical community. She was brave enough to think differently, and driven enough to build one of the most successful medical supply companies in the Bahamas.

Carolyn’s passion was her business and to provide for healthcare in the Bahamas. She believed the company’s purpose was to transform and impact the patients who received medical care, and to ensure the supplies and equipment provided to those patients were of the highest quality at the best value as well as improve patient outcomes.

Her long-term wish is for the legacy of Ports International to continue and will do so under the guidance and commitment of the Board of Directors, Trustees, Executive Management Team and Staff.

Together we will ensure that Carolyn’s legacy is carried on for generations to come. The things that will not change include the company’s commitment to serving the Bahamian healthcare community and partners in health. Ports International Limited will remain privately held, and stay true to Carolyn’s ideals. We are as committed to this as she was to us. Today and everyday going forward, our hearts are with Carolyn, and we will do everything we can to make her proud of the company she built a quarter century ago.

The Celebration of Her Life will be held at the New Providence Community Church, Blake Road, Monday, November 3, 2014 at 5:30pm. Her passion for healthcare, strength of character, love of life, and kindness to those less fortunate will always be remembered. Carolyn will be sincerely missed, and her wishes would be for all of us to live life to the fullest, be the best that we can be, and to make a difference. Our thoughts and prayers to Carolyn’s son Happy, her newly born grandchild Soren, her family, and to all those who loved and respected her.

Yours in health,

The Board of Directors, Trustees, Executive Management, and Ports International Team

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