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In the next 12 seconds, another hungry child will die. Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way you can fight poverty. Like many children around the world, many children need your love and support to have access to such things as clean water, nutritious food, and an education so they can grow up to be a productive adult. Ports International supports World Vision to assist in leading the effort to end hunger.

World Vision is on the front lines of the fight against hunger. In Africa, hunger is stalking 12.4 million people, with 35 percent of all children in the region now facing emergency levels of malnutrition. World Vision is responding by distributing therapeutic food for children, clean water, sturdy tents, and essential medical care.

Medical Wholesaler Ports International is proud to support World Vision to fight hunger around the globe with short-term emergency food aid and long-term agricultural solutions to help people feed their own communities. World Vision is also an advocate for the hungry, speaking on their behalf.

For more information about Ports International, call 242-377-1771 or email info@portsintl.com.

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