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The HIV Prevention Counseling and Rapid Testing training is designed to teach prospective HIV rapid test counselors and clinicians how to run a rapid HIV test and how to assist their clients in reducing their risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV.

Course Goals:

Teach counseling, testing and referral (CTR) providers how to:

1. Collect a rapid HIV test sample.

2. Perform a waived rapid HIV testing.

3. Integrate the steps of HIV prevention counseling into the rapid HIV testing process.

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate safe work practices.

2. Identify Quality Assurance steps required during rapid HIV testing.

3. Demonstrate appropriate sample collection.

4. Perform rapid HIV test and interpret results accurately.

5. Demonstrate the integration of HPC into rapid HIV testing.


1. Welcome and Introductions

2. HIV Facts and where are we today

3. Overview & Introduction to Rapid HIV Testing

4. Safe Work Practices & Specimen Collection for Rapid HIV Testing

5. Waived Rapid HIV Testing and Quality Assurance

6. HIV Prevention Counseling and Providing Rapid HIV Test Results

7. Rapid HIV Test Application and Practice

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