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Compressor nebulizers or medical aerosols, and all are available here at Ports International at an affordable price. A nebulizer compressor is an electrical device that reduces a liquid (like a medicinal solution) to a fine mist or vapor. Nebulizer compressors have been providing effective aerosol treatments for more than thirty years.

Portable compressor nebulizers also allow the user to receive aerosol treatments at home, traveling or on the go with AC, DC and battery powered capabilities.

The aspirator is a durable, high performance suction unit designed for most home-care suction requirements. The Homecare Suction Pumps are designed to fit the active life styles of today’s customers with its compact design and high-performance capabilities. The added DC and optional battery capabilities make the suction pumps the ideal suction unit for those on the go in the car or outside of the home.

For more information about portable compressor nebulizers at Ports International, call 242-377-1771 or email info@portsintl.com.

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