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Our Services

From Planning to Support, Ports is with you every step of the way.
Leveraging our partnerships with leading health care experts and manufacturers, our service solutions allow your capital investments to work better for you. With decreased downtime, and greater satisfaction, we can support you in an even greater capacity. When we focus on what we do best, service, technology and equipment, you can spend more time caring for patients.

At Ports International, we are committed to improving the quality of healthcare and continually making it more cost effective for you and your patients. We support healthcare providers with practical and sustainable clinical solutions aimed at transforming patient care delivery. These programs complement the many products we provide, to further enhance your clinical and economic outcomes.

As an industry leader, our approach is devoted to providing you with quality services, so you know you’re getting the flexible and complete range of options and experience you need to fully implement your healthcare solutions.

Consultation & Facility Planning

Ports International will assist in layout, selection and design of your equipment specifications for new and renovated medical and rehabilitation facilities at no charge. We will also specify and recommend the best equipment based on the facilities objectives and goals. Ports International has specifically furnished all the equipment for doctor’s offices, medical clinics, maternity wings, NICU departments, ICU settings and patient furnishing to name a few. References are available upon request.


Ports International frequently hosts local seminars, training programs and in-service sessions on behalf of the many manufacturers whom they represent. We also sponsor overseas training programs for nurses and physicians to seminars and biotech engineers to courses on equipment maintenance and repair.

Bio-Medical Service

Ports International also has trained bio-medical personnel, who can provide in-service for and on behalf of the many manufacturers whom we represent.

Our biotech engineers can provide equipment maintenance, repair and in-service training.

Proactive Maintenance – fix preventive maintenances parts and labor costs Protect Your Investment – preventive maintenance parts stabilize costs, software updates during preventive maintenance.


Ports International provides technical service and support as well as replacement parts for all the equipment it sells. Ports International also works in direct conjunction with your facility’s bioengineering department.

All warranties and product guarantees are serviced through Ports International and the relevant manufacturers. Ports International locally stocks all disposable items required for proper use and maintenance of the equipment it sells.

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