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Ports is pleased to announce the launch of its new collection of mastectomy products from Nearly Me for the post-mastectomy market. All sizes and styles of bras and breast forms are now in stock at the Shirley Street location.

Nearly Me Technologies also has specialty bras like the Leisure Bra for after surgery and sleeping, the Lace Cami Bra for feminine coverage in the center of the chest, and the After-Surgery Camisole with pockets for featherweight breast forms and drainage devices.

As stated by Michele Rassin-Moodie, “it is wonderful that today women have options after breast surgery. Your physician may discuss reconstruction or implants; but for some women, depending on their age, physical condition and breast size, an external prosthesis may be the best solution.”

External breast forms are far less expensive than additional surgeries, and a form can be easily changed if you gain or lose weight. There are now many sizes and styles from which to choose, that fit all body and skin types.

Mastectomy pocket bras have been designed to fit with breast forms. It is recommended that you wear your breast form in a mastectomy pocket bra. They are typically different in three ways. First, they have pockets inside the cups to keep the forms securely in place and comfortable against the skin. Second, mastectomy bra side panels are wider under the arm to offer more support and coverage in an area where tissue is often removed during surgery. Third, the cup is designed to fully cover the entire breast form and more of the remaining natural breast. Some fashion bra cup styles may cut across the breast at too steep an angle and would not completely cover a typical breast form.

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