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We have over 25 years of experience selling a variety of bath safety equipment that offers the best quality at an affordable discount price. The manufacturers we represent fit most types of need for the disabled, handicapped and elderly in the bathroom.

We offer a variety in quality shower chairs, bath chairs, transfer benches, sliding transfer benches, raised toilet seats, and bathtub bars (grab bars) at a discount price.

For those who have difficulty standing in the bathtub or thoughout bathing we have the right shower chair, bath chair or transfer bench to fit inside the tub. Shower transfer benches also extend beyond the edge of the bathtub and are designed to help make transfers in and out of the tub easier for those who cannot step into the tub.

Shower benches are also available with a seat or a commode opening. Raised toilet seats increase the height of the toilet, aiding a person who has difficulty standing up from a seated position. Bathtub bars, sometimes called grab bars, attach to the bathtub wall and give additional support for a person to hold onto when stepping in or out of the tub.

For more information about bath seats at Ports International, call 242-377-1771 or email info@portsintl.com.

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