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To show support and solidarity on World AIDS Day December 1, local medical supplier Ports International recently made a donation to the Bahamas AIDS Foundation. The Bahamas AIDS Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the community and worldwide, by providing programs and activities to continuously fight HIV/AIDS in the Bahamas and its effects on society.

As stated by Mrs. Michele Rassin-Moodie “Corporate partners must assist the Bahamas AIDS Foundation in raising awareness, prevention, treatment and reducing HIV/AIDS in the Bahamas.”

Help support the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Bahamas. Make a donation to the Bahamas AIDS Foundation in their commitment to Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections, Zero mother to child transmissions, and Zero AIDS-related deaths.

How can you help? Provide a monetary donation to the Foundation and proudly wear your red ribbons. Wearing one is a sign that together we can stop the spread of HIV and end prejudice. Support the Bahamas AIDS Foundation., call 242-325-9326 or email aidsfoundationbahamas@yahoo.com.


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