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Every patient has his or her own goals for daily living on oxygen therapy. Regardless of the type of oxygen device, the primary goal is to maintain oxygen saturation both at rest and with activity and to enjoy quality of life. Since all devices and patients differ, it is important to match the oxygen device to the patient to ensure the patient’s lifestyle and clinical needs are met. When those needs are met, it positively affects clinicians, payors and providers as well.

Whether a conserving device, concentrator or transfilling system, most products within the DME category hold a niche within the market. Matching the right product to the patient is a matter of determining the objective strengths and weaknesses of each individual product and matching that to the individual needs of a patient.

When the right product is matched to the patient, it produces better clinical outcomes. Patients can begin to feel better and become more satisfied with their treatment. Patients who are happy have few reasons to return to their clinician. Eventually, clinicians will realize they can refer a patient to you, and patients will be happier and well cared for.

Even payors can benefit. When patients are matched to the right product, payors may see less readmissions and incur less cost associated with the negative effects of desaturated patients. Of course, patients with prolonged desaturations suffer negative health consequences and tend to have more hospitalizations. Make the patient more satisfied with their oxygen therapy, and these challenges and costs decrease.

And you. You will benefit from happy patients. As the provider, this means fewer trips to patient homes. When patients are more satisfied, it equates to fewer service calls – and reduced operational costs.

To learn more about how you can match the right product to the patient, contact us today at 242-377-1774. Our team of specialists can help you keep your patients saturated and happy with our full line of oxygen therapy products.

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